Welcome to Corriente!
The hippest new Hangout in the Simsverse.

The ultimate place for any night out. Looking to dance along to the best live music the town has to offer? Maybe an romantic night out with that special someone? Celebrating an achievement with your best friends? Relaxing at the bubble bar? Corriente will cater to that in our large yet intimate, sophisticated setting. Soon, you won’t even remember those other places! A four story pillar of glass ensures this building really stands out from the rest. The spotlights don’t hurt either.
One of two identical fountains that light up the exterior of the building.
Stepping into the entrance way….
Can you help but be awed by the delicate structure above you?
Or the flanking fountains?
Or the precise stonework on the ground that leads you to the best mixologists in the city… Standing at their elegant, mirror backed bars…
With another, gurgling fountain… (note: two grass squares beneath fountain HAVE been fixed for upload)Ground floor overview.
Checking out the dance club first…
What a stage set up! And there’s a radio too in case there’s no bands around…
But who wouldn’t want to play on this stage?
Especially with this green room (with it’s own juice bar!) to relax in.Down the hallway behind the bar, towards the lounge, but let’s make a pitstop first…
The Ladies Room
Oooh how luxurious

The Men’s RoomA little more manly but no less plushExiting the hallway, just in front of the stair case, an intimate place to chat.Off to the right, closer to the entrance, casual places to lounge.

And to the left? A giant fountain beneath the stairs…Keeps this place a little nicer for some canoodling.Got a group of friends with you?
A large group of friends?
2nd Floor OverviewTwo fountains at the top of the stairs…This one may have the only plant life in the club…Out those doors on the right to the patio, right in front are two standing tables with candles for light and to the right, cozy place to enjoy the fire.
For the more social…
Around the corner for the more private.

Both upstairs bathrooms look like this – calming from the bustle of this hotspot.
Looking back towards the upstairs barA couple tables from which to enjoy the music without getting caught on the dance floor
A place to hang out and chat…
With a view down to the entranceA small dance floor if you’re already upstairs and there’s a tune that makes you want to shake your groove thang…You can buy food if you like, but mostly just drinks.
On the other side of the glass from the bar, a bubble bar!
With a place to discuss once you’ve finished… bubbling.
And a place to relaxRoof view

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