Redditor’s Legacies

If I have gotten the name of your legacy wrong, if you are starting a new legacy, or have a finished story, please comment down below with your Reddit username and I’ll add yours in. For now, here is a collection of our stories. – Chellekat

A Garden Legacy by u/kyrajay

Anders Legacy by u/Generic_IT_Person

Akvavit Decorating Legacy by u/Lajt-

The Bateman Legacy by u/boxofpeaches

The Bell Legacy by u/kairedfern

The Belle Legacy by u/Caryatid

The Blakely Legacy by u/hexeambrella

The Brown Legacy by u/Bethyi

Brutal Legacy by u/thrashleymetal

The Callies Legacy by u/defiiance

Cline Legacy by u/MagentaParrot

The Collier Legacy by u/SiameseGunKiss

The Collins Legacy by u/sjade11407

Ctrl+Shift+C by u/linalangley

The Darroch Legacy by u/Inter_somnia

Dove Family Legacy by u/ellobaldy

The Eldridge Legacy by u/fefyfofeather

The Espinoza Legacy by u/JoanRiversVagina

The Evans Legacy by u/Rainydaysmile

Fable by u/orowolf

Fading Magic by u/kyrajay

Familie Zenon by u/catrixo

Fartfister by u/anangrybanana

The Fayette Legacy by u/frakkingtoaster

The Feltcher Legacy by u/Itsrane

The Gist Legacy by u/sinuhe_e

The Goldhouse Legacy by u/megamonious

The Grimm Prettacy by u/BocoCHutternut

The Harmon Family Legacy by u/stephunee

The Hatcher Legacy by u/cleigh0409

The Holland Legacy by u/tjt2013

The Kilgannon Legacy by u/SiameseGunKiss

The Kingsley Legacy by u/randiftw

The Kovalevsky Legacy by u/tolia

The Larkin Uglacy by u/AliRoo

The Layton Legacy by u/sami_w

The Lee Legacy by u/stivo40

The Legacy of Dalilah Simmons by u/feelingsocold123

The Little Legacy by u/soundslikebanana

Letters to Charlie by u/mjeleon

The Luck Family EPIC by u/snowflakefoot

The Malone Legacy by u/jasmine7395

The McHale Legacy by u/sleepyval

Miller’s Misadventures by u/angelanicole

The Morrissey Legacy by u/MaybeItsNotMyWeekend

Mystic Sims by u/TheMysticDream

The Papadopolus Legacy by u/spinerret

The Patterson Legacy by u/eat-a-foot

The Powers Legacy by u/ZTAnna

The Rey Legacy by u/dearkitteh

The Richmond & Atwood Legacies by u/roxmorgirl

The River Legacy by u/hazelljane

The Robertson Wishacy by u/theesthetician

Sanchez Legacy by u/Nms12457

The Shalik Legacey by u/roseetgris

The Shepard Legacy by u/LinksMilkBottle

Simulated Situations by u/graecyn

The Steel Family by u/theonlybroken

The Swann Legacy by u/mel_the_pumpkinator

The Targaryen Legacy by u/limitedwaranty (Author notes: A Legacy of Incest)

The Thorne Legacy by u/velmatakesphotos

Trails Legacy by u/Zombie_Chick

The Vacker Legacy by u/ashleythewench

The Vagabonds by u/username-optional

The Vanilla Legacy by u/mindspring01

Whedon Legacy by u/courtneyleem

The Williams Legacy by u/DarkestSin

The Winepot Legacy by u/pippisyk

The Wishes Legacy by u/Xella-15

The Withywindle Legacy by u/BlueLinchpin

The Wyrd Legacy by u/Tiseye

Stories by u/Necoya

  • De’Legado
  • Illuminate
  • Bishop Family
  • VU Sim Survivor (FINISHED)
  • Caste Legacy
  • Carnies & Thieves

16 Responses to Redditor’s Legacies

  1. Randi says:

    I’m honored that you have included me. Thank you.
    Also, I’m happy to have a list of others I can read. 😀 Thanks!

  2. wow, thanks for including me!

  3. Graecyn says:


  4. eorth says:

    Thanks for adding me to your list :3!

  5. tessietura says:

    thanks for including Valencia!

  6. roseetgris says:

    Thanks for including my legacy (: this is a great initiative!

  7. Hannah Grace says:

    Thanks for listing my legacy! I’ll make a page for affiliate legacies on my blog 🙂

    • Chellekaz says:

      You’re very welcome, if you were planning on using any/all of the links I have here, I’d be happy to send you the code so that you don’t have to worry about it.

  8. pippisyk says:

    Thanks so much for adding me! I’m trying to keep things exciting…and snarky. Always snarky. ^_~

  9. oldhollow says:


    Thanks for making this list! It’s awesome.

  10. Wow! Thanks for adding me to your list!!! 🙂

  11. duranev says:

    Hi! My prettacy is The Grimm Prettacy ( u/BocoCHutternut

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